Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it really December already?

Thanks to everyone who commented and signed up to follow this blog!

I prayed before drawing a name out of a big shopping bag... let the book go to someone who can really use it or who can pass it on to someone who can really use it. And the name I pulled out was...

Joshua! One of our teen writers!

So God answered that prayer in a sweet way.

I'll have another gift to give away by the end of this month, drawing from all the folks who leave a comment in December. I'll announce what the gift is... after I've gone shopping. LOL

Speaking of shopping... Did y'all get out for "Black Friday?" I didn't. It's not that I don't mind getting something on sale. Who does? It wasn't even the idea of fighting traffic in the parking lots and standing in long lines to check out. It's that commercialization of Christmas thing. I don't think there's anything wrong with giving gifts to our loved ones, but we get in such a frenzy this time of year and forget... we're supposed to be still... and know that He is God.

How much we talk about this! How many "spam" e-mail messages are sent out that encourage people to seek God, to reflect on His goodness and the grace He freely gives us. How many promises do we make to ourselves and to God. Stuff like, "This year, I'm going to read the whole Bible. Sit down every day and do it."

As writers, we strive to say something worthwhile about God in our stories. Some people might argue that the Bible itself is enough. It should be, I suppose. But God is wiser than we are and He knows us. Jesus spoke in parables because the stories engaged His listeners minds. They related to the people in the stories. And God has called us, as writers, to do the same. We've been given an awesome privilege and responsibility to convey to our teens something about God that is also Biblically sound, in a way that engages them. Not to replace the Bible, but to stand behind it.

So, I've got some questions for y'all. What are you trying to say about God in your WIP (work-in-progress)? What do you want teens to know about Him through your writing?



  1. Congratulations, Joshua!

    As far as the question you put to us, Diana--The goal in my writing is that my readers will coming away knowing that God is bigger than any problem they may face, and He's ALWAYS there, even when circumstances are bleak.

  2. I'll answer too. In our weakness, He is our strength. That's the theme of my WIP. It doesn't mean there will be a miracle. It doesn't mean we won't still go through tough times. But by drawing close to Jesus in the midst of troubles, we can find peace, wisdom, and hope. (And sometimes a miracle!) But we live in a society of do-it-yourselfers... like the characters in my book. And often we have to be at our lowest point before we'll look up to the Answer that was always there.

  3. I want to show readers that Jesus loves them like crazy. He sees the beauty we can't see (in ourselves and in others) because He created it. I wish more than anything I could point young readers to His love.

  4. I pray that through my books, God opens up the eyes of the readers to see the battle between darkness and light--that the readers realize they do not need to fall for the false promises of the world, because God has a great plan for their lives. My desire is to share the gospel in a way that encourages kids to break free from the bonds of alcohol and drugs by seeking Jesus Christ.